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    Project Type: Educational Installation
    Product Used: Lumenpulse Lumenfacade
    Lighting Designer: Lam Partners, Cambridge MA

    The hospital wanted this atrium to be the hub of the building; a comforting place for patients to spend time in and relax. It needed to be welcoming and pleasantly bright, without causing glare. However, the original atrium had never incorporated an integrated lighting approach, and being nestled between high buildings, where natural daylight was limited, lead to a gloomy feeling even in the day time. To help solve this problem, 3000K Lumenfacade fixtures were positioned to graze the woodwork on the walls around the atrium. Close attention was paid to sight lines from upper levels in order to avoid glare from the fixtures when looking down or descending the stairs. With a very tight space in which to mount the fixtures, a 10″x60″ optic was used to produce a narrow beam – throwing light in exactly the right place, and nowhere else.